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The Challenge

Data loss and rising cost of application downtime leads to reduced productivity and revenue. The unavailability of critical data negatively impacts company reputation and results in potential loss of customers.

The Solution

StorageCraft® ShadowXafe™ is the next generation data protection solution that brings a comprehensive, SLA-driven management for the complete data protection lifecycle.

ShadowXafe delivers powerful recovery and work-flow optimized for management simplicity. It tightly integrates with StorageCraft Cloud Services, with a single click it provides business continuity of data, network, and application recovery in StorageCraft's Cloud.

Powerful data protection is host-based and/or agent-based, complete with physical and virtual system recovery. The workflow is optimized through a unified lifecycle dashboard that includes policy-based administration, analytical reports, and seamless VMware integration. Optional disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) has orchestrated one-click failover in the cloud, easily recovering the entire infrastructure in case of a site-wide disaster.

ShadowXafe is easy to deploy and manage, ensuring secure data protection, reduced application downtime, and improved productivity.

Flexible recovery provides data recovery to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments. Reliable recovery ensures dependable recovery of entire systems from backup images including OS, applications, settings, and data. The solution provides instant boot recovery for virtual machines within milliseconds.

ShadowXafe’s architecture is designed from the ground up and is a collection of interconnected, scalable, and easily manageable microservices that deliver robust data protection and storage access. It consists of three main components: Data Protection Services, Agents, and OneSystem.

The Data Protection Services deliver storage access and data protection procedures including backup, restore, replication, and storage.

Agents are adapters for protecting physical servers and virtual machines (VMs) to deliver higher SLAs. OneSystem is the management framework that orchestrates and manages the activities within Data Protection Services. The communication protocol that ties this all together is open standard Google Remote Procedure Calls (gRPC).

Features and Benefits

Flexible Recovery: Recover to dissimilar HW or virtual environments

    • Ensures that recovery is timely & quick (v2v, p2p, v2p & p2v)

    • Utilize resources on hand. No waiting for any specific resources

Instant Recovery: Quickly recover files/folders in seconds and entire systems in minutes

    • Recovery using VirtualBoot IO read-ahead technology, irrespective of the VM size

    • Direct recovery to primary store means no Virtual Storage Motion and no performance impact during recovery

Reliable Recovery & Data Integrity: Dependable recovery

    • Automated, advanced reverification of backup images along with inflight verification ensures dependable backup images

    • Smart retries, and self-healing repairs ensures service reliability

    • Retained metadata for improved recovery experience

    • Cold file access/recovery

    • PKI-based encrypted channel communication for ensuring data integrity

    • Best-in-class certified VSS integration for app-consistent data protection

Integrated DRaaS: Total business continuity

    • Orchestrated, one-click virtual failover

    • Self-service portal with no 3rd party intervention during recovery

    • Replication to another site or StorageCraft Cloud Services

    • Seed/BMR drives and web download

Requirements and Prerequisites

The requirements for setting up and running ShadowXafe include:

    • The system where your Hosts and VMs run (VMware vCenter and ESXi versions 6.0 through 6.7).

    • Virtual Machines/Hosts

    • The Deployment Tool from StorageCraft

    • The storage destination - any NFS, SMB, or iSCSI devices accessible to ShadowXafe.

    • System Requirements for deploying ShadowXafe:

        • A minimum of 4 GB RAM

        • A minimum of 2 dual core processors

        • At least one Network Interface Card

        • 10 GB free on the datastore

        • Ports 443 (SSL), ports 40049 through 40056 for control and data (port 40051 is used for data control).

    • Defragmenting disks before backing up a machine can reduce the size of the backup image.

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