StorageCraft Cloud Services - $250 Cloud Credits
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StorageCraft Cloud Services*

Protect Your StorageCraft Backup Images in the StorageCraft Cloud

Don’t risk having only one copy of your backups onsite. StorageCraft® Cloud Services™ lets you protect a second copy of your ShadowProtect and SPX backup images offsite in a secure location and maintain control over offsite data with instant virtualization plus file/folder recovery options in the StorageCraft Cloud.

StorageCraft provides a solution that you can customize to fit your unique requirements. With choices that offer instant virtualization and anytime, anywhere access to data, plus hands-on disaster recovery testing abilities, you can select preferences that best suit your business continuity requirements and budget—and always stay in control of your offsite data. Simply purchase cloud credits and use them in the way that best fits your needs.

Cloud Services is available in three service levels:

  • System restore via an express-shipped bare metal restore (BMR) drive (Basic)
  • Everything in Basic plus rapid recovery of files and folders via the StorageCraft Cloud Portal (Plus)
  • Everything in Plus and instant virtualization of systems and data in the cloud (Premium)

Select the Service Level that best meets your needs, and utilize the pre-configured retention settings(3 Daily and 2 Weekly Recovery points), or customize your own to best meet your recovery point needs. In addition, choose to have your data mirrored** to a second data center for an additional level of security.

With StorageCraft Cloud Services you can:

  • Personally complete recovery tasks using the StorageCraft online cloud portal.
  • Take advantage of quick recovery options to meet your unique disaster recovery requirements.
  • Configure cloud settings by individual backup for ultimate flexibility.
  • Enjoy straightforward pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Protect your backups in a cloud built specifically for disaster recovery.
  • Maintain control over your offsite data with real-time file access and instant virtualization capabilities.
  • Recover systems and data in seconds, not minutes or hours.
  • Test your disaster recovery abilities using hands-on verification methods.
  • Rest assured offsite data is safe with strong ShadowProtect® and SPX file encryption and rigorous data center security standards.
  • Increase your storage or upgrade your service level with ease.

Requirements: StorageCraft ShadowProtect encrypted backup images; StorageCraft ImageManager 6.5 or later versions.
Maintenance 1 year of maintenance included.

**Mirroring available, for an additional fee, only in the United States.

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StorageCraft Cloud Services - $250 Cloud Credits

StorageCraft Cloud Services - $250 Cloud Credits
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